Funny News Anchor is Overshadowed By Co-Host With The BJ Eyes

Out of context, anything can sound weird, but you don’t usually expect particularly wacky lines from a news broadcast. 

Reporter Trevor Ault, who describes himself on Twitter as “Portland, Oregon’s tallest breaking news anchor/reporter,” created a compilation of the wackiest things he’s said on air to celebrate his two-year anniversary at KOIN 6 news. 


Say hello to the poor man’s Ron Burgundy.  Nobody loves Trevor Ault more than Trevor Ault does.  His mom sends him an “I love u” text weekly and he hits her back with a “Thanx, but I already told myself that 30 times before 5am today”.   Putting together a two-year anniversary compilation of yourself is a bold move to say the least.  A heartfelt Facebook post thanking his colleagues would have been sufficient, but Trevor isn’t looking to stay in Portland, OR.  You don’t get cast in ‘Anchorman 3’ being a news reporter on KOIN6.  Need to be in one of the major markets to make that happen.  How do you get there?  Create a quick “best of” video and get it to go viral.  Brand yourself as the “bad boy of local news” and soon enough, you get to drop the local from that nickname.  Trevor is young, handsome, tall, and most importantly, has run train through all the babes at KOIN6 and is in need of new on-air talent to bed.

The question is, is our subject funny?  He’s funny in the same way the lady in your office is pretty.  Put her in any other setting outside of work and she’s average at best, but in the office next to all your hideous co-workers, she’s a hard 8.  Same applies for our man Trevor.  On 5am local newscasts, he’s got enough wit to make you laugh, but put him on a morning radio show alongside legit talent or on stage at a stand-up comedy show and those laughs suddenly become inaudible chuckles.  That’s not a knock on our boy; it shows he knows which lane he can get the most bangs for his buck.  And banging local news ladies as you work your way from one market to larger ones ain’t a bad lane to be in at all.

Make no mistake about it, Trevor may think he’s the star of this video, but the real talent is his blonde co-host, Jenny Hannson.  Anytime you have a Jenny with two N’s followed by a last name with the double N, you know you have a freak on your hands.  Don’t believe me?  Check out her Instagram and notice she uses the phrase “lover of smutty shows” in her bio.  My Gawd, if she likes meaningless smut, she’ll love ATE.  Still don’t believe me?  Look at Jenny’s eyes.  She has the blowjob eyes for days and was piercing Trevor with them front & center for practically the entire 2-minute clip.  Her husband can use this YouTube video as evidence in divorce court and the judge will have no choice but to grant him full custody of their kids.  Our man Trevor getting the call from the producers in LA/NYC can’t come soon enough for Jenny’s husband.  Would anyone be surprised if he was the one to put the compilation together for Trevor?  #prayforJennywithtwon’shusband



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