Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards Has Gray Hair

(Source)  Just days after Ryan Edwards announced he won’t be returning to “Teen Mom OG,” claiming the network had no interest in portraying his recovery from drug addiction, he was arrested for possession of heroin.

The 30-year-old reality star was arrested in Red Bank, Tennessee, Monday and held with no bond, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday.

Late last week, Edwards and wife Mackenzie, who are expecting their first child together, announced that they would not be coming back for next season of the MTV show.

Slow day in news when I’m reporting on the cast members of Teen Mom OG.  I used to really be into reality TV and was even part of a Big Brother fantasy league back when I was foolish enough to think my future was bright and even dabbled with Teen Mom.  Hey, a guy’s gotta scout future talent.  Let’s look past me just making a kinda creepy joke and move on.

I readily admit I haven’t paid attention to the cast of Teen Mom in years and in fact, the last episode I watched was Farrah Abraham’s spin-off series (NSFW), but damn, you know a show with “teen” in the title has jumped the shark when they have cast members with graying hair.  NY Daily News missed the real story with this one.  Yeah yeah, Ryan Edwards, fan of ATE, was busted with heroin and is going to rehab for what I guess is the umpteenth time.  Teen Mom cast members get arrested and go to rehab more often than they forget to pull out before nutting.  The real story is Ryan Edward, world’s #1 dad, having gray hair that rivals that of my boy Anderson Cooper.  Take a look at his mugshot:

My goodness!  Ryan looks like Andy Cohen after Manhattan’s gayest gays have run train on him.  Hear that?  That’s Elvis from the grave telling you to take it easy on the smack brother.

I don’t think MTV gives a fuck about your heroin use, as long as you look the part.  And a 30-yr-old with rapidly graying hair doesn’t look the part of a teen dad.  When your hair can be mistaken for Meryl Streep’s pubes, it’s time to cut cords with Teen Mom and find another TV gig.  Maybe give the Deadliest Catch producers a call.  Your look is indistinguishable from every other washed up deckhand they have on their show.   If memory serves me correctly (all the Busch Lights over the years may make it wrong), Ryan was 20 when he got fellow cast member Maci Bookout pregnant.  She was 16/17 at the time according to reddit.  Deadliest Catch cast member Edgar Hansen recently apologized for molesting a 16-yr-old, so you’d have someone to relate to Ryan!

For the sake of Ryan, his wife, and however many mini me’s he has running around now, lets hope he can get his life in order and stay away from the needle.  Poking fun at people is a lot more fun when they’re alive and doing well.  Call 877-210-2810 if you have a problem with heroin and want help.


PS: I’m shocked Ryan Edwards doesn’t have a tattoo sleeve.

PPS: I don’t know if it’s “gray” or “grey”

PPPS: All time reality clip:

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