Chelsea Ambriz, Meteorologist at WSAZ In West Virginia, Cracks Skull Of News Anchor Erica Bivens And I Do Some Internet Investigating

(Source)  Chelsea Ambriz is a meteorologist at WSAZ in West Virginia. She’s accused of breaking the skull of news anchor Erica Bivens in a fight over Bivens’ husband. The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that Ambriz was arrested at a bar in the city on August 26. The Mail report says that Bivens suffered a skull fracture and a ruptured eardrum after being pushed by Ambriz. The pair work together for WSAZ’s 4 p.m. news show.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cops Say it All Started When Bivens’ Husband Told Ambriz He Wasn’t Interested

FTV Live reports that the incident began when Bivens confronted Ambriz. The news anchor believed the meteorologist had been hitting on her husband. The documents obtained by FTVLive says that Bivens and her husband had been out a celebration and went to a bar on Broadway after the party. There, they ran into Ambriz. The documents says that Bivens has had problems with Ambriz in the past. Bivens had thought that Ambriz was aggressive with her. The complaint reads, “Erica said that her husband didn’t think anything of it until later in the evening Chelsea began to hit on Donald. Donald told Chelsea that he was not interested in her and went back over and stood with Erica. Donald mentioned to Erica about what had just happened with Chelsea and so Erica went and confronted Chelsea about it. Erica said that Chelsea became irate and began to shove Erica causing both of them to fall over in the bar area.”

In the red corner, we have Erica Bivens (Stats & photos courtesy of


In the blue corner, we have the challenger, 26 yr-old (according to Chelsea Abriz (on right in yellow dress):

(Sorry, I couldn’t find any bikini pics.  Will update if she accepts my Instagram request)

Fighting for the heavyweight championship of the world aka Donald, Erica Bivens’ husband:

A) Before we delve any further, I have to give a big shout out to bucktoothed Donald for having perhaps the two hottest babes in West Virginia fighting for his attention.  Look at that photo of him.  Donald would be lucky to be married to a West Virginia 7 and he’s locked down a legit 8 and has another 8.5 fighting for him.  Plus, from the wedding photo I was able to find, he’s a veteran (Air Force).  Thank you for your service Donald in and out of the military and I can only hope to one day have a fraction of the Big Dick Energy you possess.

B) Okay, get your pen and pad ready because there’s a lot of evidence we have to dissect that other media outlets won’t touch.  What are you talking about Glass?  This is an open-and-shut case.  Crazed weather lady gets gaga eyes for a co-worker’s husband and breaks her skull once he rejects her advances.  Her career is over.  Dunzo.  Yeah yeah, I got all that and frankly, I don’t care.

Two attractive co-workers duking it out for office supremacy are a dime a dozen.  Every place of employment has a thirsty psycho trying to slide into the DMs of another co-worker’s husband.  This one ended up with a broken skull rather than a broken heart and that’s the only reason why it made headlines.  Well that and their looks.  What interests me is the back-story.  How did we end up here?

Well homeboy did a little more digging than every other site reporting on this story did i.e. I Googled Erica Bivens and that’s where I found those modeling bikini shots.  Here’s what I found on her FB:

Seems like last summer (’17) Erica and Chelsea were pretty chummy.  Click on Erica’s FB and you’ll see there are no fewer than 20 photos of the two of them hamming it up together at locations all over West Virginia while off the clock.  So last summer they were vacationing and sharing bottles of rosé together watching the sunset and this summer…they turned a local bar into their own personal UFC octagon?  What happened?  How did they go from being Amy Schumer-Jennifer Lawrence to Taylor Swift-Katy Perry?

I’m assuming Erica’s husband tagged along on some of those adventures last summer.  Did you notice how similar Erica and Chelsea look?  Both are exotic with dark features.  If Erica’s husband has a type, and me thinks he does, Chelsea checks off all the same boxes Erica does, only she’s younger, has longer legs, and a bustier chest.

You know what I’m getting at here.  I’m not saying Erica’s husband made a habit of sneaking out of their bunk last summer after Erica would fall asleep to go see Chelsea, but I’m not saying he didn’t do that either.  I’m merely speculating.  I know how men think (with their penis) and in Joe’s case, when your wife’s bestie looks exactly like your wife, only younger & hotter, you take notice.  If she obliges, you may even partake in an affair with your wife’s bestie.

A woman doesn’t break another woman’s skull merely because she has feelings for that woman’s husband.  A mistress however?  A mistress is libel to crack skulls when the husband refuses to acknowledge their relationship and/or leave his wife.

Donald wasn’t interested in Chelsea?  Ha, he was plenty interested.  So much so that he’s been dicking down Chelsea on the side for the past year.  What he was not interested in was leaving Erica for Chelsea and that’s why things popped off at the bar.


PS:  Again this is all speculative and I’m throwing the tag “allegedly” on this entire post.  I don’t think you can be sued as long as you say “allegedly”.  I hope so anyways.


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