Newington CT Couple Walk Away From Shark Tank With $3,000,000

(Source)  Walking out of Shark Tank with a deal is great, but leaving as a millionaire is even better.

On Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, Daymond John agreed to buy Moki Doorstep, which makes an attachable vehicle sidestep, for $3 million. Husband-and-wife team Alyssa and Zach Brown co-founded the company in January of 2017, generating $116,000 in sales through a Kickstarter campaign. The couple came to Shark Tank seeking $150,000 for 5 percent of their Newington, Connecticut-based company, which sells a heavy-duty step that attaches to car doors, allowing the user to reach the roof of the vehicle. 

“Who thinks of these things?” John asked as the couple presented their product. 

Avid outdoors people, the Browns enjoy kayaking and skiing, but Alyssa struggles to strap equipment to her car’s roof because of her height. Zacha firefighter, has experience prying open cars to rescue people and knows that the striker on a car door–a metal hook installed in most car models–can hold more than 2,000 pounds, making it a solid base for a step.

Big props to Newington CT power couple Alyssa & Zach Brown for diving into the Shark Tank head first and coming up to the surface with $3 million.  A local firefighter and emergency room nurse come up with an idea, start a side project, and become millionaires on one of TV’s most watched shows – the American dream made good!  You know the Moki Doorstep is worth millions because as soon as Alyssa attached it to that metal hook inside the vehicle door and easily reached the top of the SUV, we all thought to ourselves “damnnnn, why didn’t I think of that!

Now the cynic will tell you Shark Daymond John will make $350 million with the Moki Doorstep over the next ten years and Alyssa & Zach will be kicking themselves for selling so early.  After taxes and lawyer fees etc, CT’s newest power couple is really walking away with “only” 1.7 millionish.  Make no mistake about it…John Daymond is a smart cookie and is going to make BANK with this product.  I can easily see the Moki Doorstep being similar to the ice scraper in that there will be one stored in nearly every car.

Tomorrow ain’t promised to you though, so I can’t knock Alyssa & Zach for taking the money and peacing out.  Copycats could have easily ripped off their idea like Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook and they’d be the new Winklevoss twins (maybe that’s a bad example because the Winklevoss twins are worth billions now).  Regardless, hundreds of things could have gone wrong with the business and maybe they’d never accrue $3 million in the end.  All we know is Alyssa & Zach have a little under $2 million today and it’s hard to bitch about that brother.

My big take away from this however is what a boss Daymond John is.  Buying a business for $3 mil on the spot like it’s a Twix bar in the checkout line is such a power play.  Daymond just flexed his net worth on all of us plebs watching Shark Tank.  Yeah yeah, here are three units…now make some room in my tote bag filled with other investments.  Some rapper once told me the sign of true wealth is never having to look at price tags and at this point, I don’t think Daymond John even knows what price tags are unless they end with seven zeroes.


PS: Instant millionaire sex has to be right up there with conjugal visit sex.

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