No Fun Brigade Protest The “Weed Is Legal In 60 Miles” Billboard On I-91 In New Haven

(Source)  NORTH HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – Community advocates are drawing attention to a billboard and its message being promoted in New Haven.

The highway billboard lets drivers know marijuana is legal, just across the border.

Organizers and attendees will be rallying against the billboard off I-91 at 355 Washington Avenue in North Haven on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.

The sign reads “Weed is legal in 60 miles”, mentioning the distance from the Massachusetts border, where pot is legal. Community advocates against substance abuse are countering the sign.

Turnbridge, a facility treating folks with substance abuse and mental health disorders, put up a counter billboard. This sign points out that addiction treatment is closer. The facility says among the young men and women they treat, some are addicted to marijuana.

Current temperature in Connecticut is 29°.  Wind gusts are as high as 14mph.  Glare of the sun is blinding.  Today is Saturday.

Let those facts settle in for a moment.

Protesting a billboard, yes that’s right, a BILLBOARD, is the last place I’d want to be this morning.  I’d rather be hungover in the waiting room of a Planned Parenthood after last night’s indiscretions than be marching at an anti-billboard rally.   A rally, mind you, that’s taking place in North Haven, not in New Haven, where you know, the “controversial” billboard is located.  No better way to draw attention to your issue than holding a pep rally seven miles away in the next town over!  I’m sorry, I can’t take your grievances seriously unless you’re willing to stand underneath the weed billboard with signs saying “nobody fucks me because I’m no fun” as cars whiz by on I-91.

Is the billboard controversial?  I can see why some wet blankets would think so.  Smoking the devils grass is something that shouldn’t necessarily be celebrated.  Some will agree with that statement and others will disagree.  The problem for the sobers standing out in the cold and the reason why their chants will fall on deaf ears, is the billboard isn’t lionizing weed; it’s simply stating a fact.  It’s not telling you to go toke up; it’s informing you where green is legal and how far you have to drive to get it.

Now we’re not idiots, we all know the Phish Heads who paid for this billboard are encouraging you to get high AF and for Connecticut to get their shit together and legalize pot, but they’ve found a shrewd way within the law to do so.  Last summer, the Electric Blue, a titty bar in CT, was forced to take down their billboard because it had a crude image on it – aka scantily clad women.  For the uninitiated, driving with boners is apparently illegal in Connecticut 🙁

This billboard in New Haven has no such thing.  No nudity; no offensive language; no eye-opening images; no misinformation.  There’s no smoke, therefore, there’s no fire needing to be put out.  Checkmate!  The rally will accomplish nothing other than identifying who not to invite to your next party.

To all the attendees standing in below freezing temperatures, stop wasting your time protesting and go back to playing board games or whatever it is sobers do in their free time.

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